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♥ STOP RIGHT THERE! This OC belongs to BaedereBaemulator.♥

Ask her permission of you wanna use it for fanwork purposes such as fanfiction, fanart instead of stealing! If you steal ANY of this, you're gonna have a bad time...♥

Ka Gaku is an OC created by BaedereBaemulator.


Ka has spiky orange hair with straight bangs and matching eyes. He also wears safety goggles and a white coat.

He wears the default male uniform unless customized but he has a casual outfit and an alternate swimwear (see Kisekae photos).

In game, he will wear Hayato Haruki's hairstyle.


He has the Teacher's Pet persona. He's a huge geek, nerd and very shy guy.


7:00-8:00 - Ka comes to Akademi High. Goes to his locker change his shoes and goes to the Science Club.

8:00-1:00 - Goes to Classroom 3-1 alone and have his lessons.

1:00-1:30 - Goes to the Science Club.

1:30-3:30 - Goes back to Classroom 3-1.

3:30-5:00 - Goes to the Science Club.

5:05 - He goes home alone.


Canon Characters

Haruto Yuto: His leader. Respects him.

Sora Sosuke: They're classmates.

Robot-chan: Clubmates, he has a crush on her.

Yandere-chan: When Ka witnesses a murder caused by her, he will report to his teacher.

Other OCs

My OCs

Miko Agashi: Classmates.

Other People's OCs






Casual: 34**aa7.

Beach: 34**aa7.





  • His name means "Science".
  • For now the theme listened here is "Bill Nye the Science Guy" theme remixed.
  • The fact that he has a crush on a robot makes people to think that he's a weird person.
  • He would sound nerdy, a bit annoying and mature if he had a voice. He would also sound similar to Choromatsu Matsuno [1] from Osomatsu-San [2].


- "Is that blood?" - When he sees someone covered in blood.

- "Why did you bring a weapon to school?" - When he sees Yandere-chan with a weapon.

- "Wow, what an amateur." - When he sees Yandere-chan laughing insanely.

- "Oh my God! Is that a dead body?!" - When he sees a corpse.

- "I've got to tell a teacher!/Gotta go hide somewhere" - When he sees Yandere-chan murdering someone/dragging a corpse.

- "I've got to tell a teacher!/Gotta go hide somewhere!" - When he runs away from a murder/poisoning and sees a corpse.

- "Don't talk to me. I know you killed someone. I'll make sure everyone knows what you've done." - When Yandere-chan tries to speak to him a day after witnessing a murder.

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