Junji Hashiuchi
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation 0
Club Student Council

Occult Club

Age 16
Persona Unknown
Crush None/Unknown
Additional Info None

Junji Hashiuchi (橋内順治 Hashiuchi Junji) is a fan character made by Sevastap for the game Yandere Simulator. He is in Classroom 1-1.


Junji has brown-red, wavy hair that reaches as far as his nose. He will wear the default uniform chosen by the player at all times - the only exception being during Occult Club meetings, where he will wear the ceremonial robes.


A quiet underclassman, Junji's claim to fame is simply being the younger brother of Mari Hashiuchi. Though she wants the best for him and often tries to force him to make friends, he dislikes her overbearing personality and the fact that she's obsessed with making him more popular.

His 'evil' trait is quite passive - however, if he witnesses a murder, he'll only make a passing comment about it and remain quiet otherwise.


Mari Hashiuchi:

  • His older sister. He dislikes her overbearing personality and tries to avoid her at school as much as possible - only joined student council to get her off his back. Loves her, regardless.

Shouko Kanazawa:

  • His ex-girlfriend from junior high. He still likes her as a friend - but mistook his friendly feelings for her as love and caused them to date briefly.

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