Juku Ren
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation -56
Club Martial Arts
Age 16
Persona Teacher's Pet
Crush Shi Ta
Additional Info None
Juku Ren is a male student at Akademi High.


Juku is very mischievous, loving to play pranks on people. He can be quite obnoxious. He is extremely energetic, far more than any 16-year-old should be.


Shi Ta: Juku has a huge crush on her.

Daku Atsu: They are good friends due to their shared mischievous nature, often playing pranks on the others together.

Budo Masuta: Juku was the 5th person to join his club, and thus the member that allowed the club to be officially founded; he accepted him without knowing how he is. The two still get along very well, though sometimes Budo wishes he had the heart to kick Juku out.

Mina Rai: She gets along okay with him, but she finds him to be deeply irritating.

Sho Kunin: They get along okay, but Sho finds him to be deeply irritating.


  • He drinks REDHUU™.
    • If he wasn't in the Martial Arts club, he would probably be in the REDHUU™ club.

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