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Jōji Kimi
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation A little popular
Club Computer Club
Age 16
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush Hayato Haruki
Additional Info Bi-curious
This was originally owned by User:Horizonfudgy, but was given to User:RumorChan


She has tan skin and blue gray eyes. Her hair and eyebrows are dyed blonde and has a ombre effect. Her bangs are pulled back. She has 2 ahoge that are sensitive to touch. She has light freckles. She usually wears the same makeup everyday, a coat of mascara and light pink eye shadow. She wears the default uniform unless customized.

She wears a new fashion accessory about everyday.

  • Some days she will wear hair clips or have her hair in a bun.
  • Some days she will wear different colored socks or leg warmers.
  • Some days she will put lipstick or blush.


Joji is a average loud teen girl. She loves fashion, the color yellow, and cats. She also likes most things, but not as much as those. She likes saying things are cute and pointing at cute animals.

Before high school she was a awkward girl who didn't have many friends. But then she started watching dramas,reality tv show, and reading fashion magazines. Her personality changed into what it is now from it.




  • Her original hair color was orange. She dyed her hair blonde before High school.
  • She has always wanted to join the swim team but the swim team's leader has always declined her saying " You're not athletic enough!"
  • Her name is short for Jōjia, which means Georgia in Japanese.
  • She tends to mix in English words while talking. She doesn't know what many of them mean and just says them because she thinks they're cute.

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