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Kawaguchi Izumi
Izumi Kawaguchi



Kawaguchi Izumi


Female Female


She She








July 8

Blood Type





Heterosexual Heterosexual

Personal Status

Cooking Club


Waitress (part-time)



Personal Status

Isamu Kawaguchi

Additional Info
Secret: None (Create-able by Player)

Izumi Kawaguchi is a third year student. She is the lieutenant of the Cooking Club.


Izumi is the oldest child in her family. She has a younger brother, Isamu.

Izumi spent most of her early school years going to all-girls schools, with Akademi being her first co-education school. She has taken the adjustment fairly well, but was extremely awkward around boys for her first year. She has gotten significantly better during her stay, and is now fairly well-liked among the school.

Izumi plans to open her own restaurant in the future, and so she is one of the more serious Cooking Club members. She has a part-time job as a waitress.


Izumi is slightly taller than average and is a bit bulky. She has purple hair styled into a side plait kept secure with a turquoise hair decoration, and teal eyes.

Izumi wears a slightly modified version of the default uniform, with long sleeves and the Cooking Club bonnet. She will additionally wear the Cooking Club's leadership band during the first week of school.


Izumi is extremely kind and forgiving, perhaps excessively so. She will almost always assume a harmless situation at first, which the player can use to get away with things around her or to frame her for things. Lower levels of atmosphere will cause her to become rather quick to assume the opposite, becoming overly concerned that students might be being hurt when they are not.

Izumi has the Kindhearted persona. She will be noticeably lighter on the player if they do things wrong, and gossip is only half as effective at reducing her reputation.

Izumi will adopt paranoid mannerisms at a School Atmosphere level of 30 percent.


Izumi keeps fairly active throughout the school day, frequently moving between hotspots of activity. She will also go to lone students to talk with them, including the player.

Izumi will stand in as the leader of the Cooking Club during the first week of school. Thus, the player can talk to her in order to join or leave the Cooking Club and perform that club's activities.


Izumi's behaviour is greatly dependent upon the level of School Atmosphere.

High Atmosphere

At high atmosphere, Izumi has a large amount of beneficial actions that she may perform for the player.

Izumi is able to administer a cool-down hug to the player if they are between 30% to 80% sanity to increase their sanity value by one percent per second, up to a maximum of twenty seconds. Izumi will prompt the player prior to beginning the action.

Izumi is able to take suspicious items to a teacher if the player is caught by her carrying a suspicious item, but apologizes for doing so. She will only do this up to a maximum of three times per play-through.

If the player is visibly bloody and is seen by Izumi, she will become concerned that the player is hurt. The player can either choose to use the usual apology of red paint, or play up an injury of some kind. Playing up an injury will result in Izumi bolting for the Nurse’s office, which can be used to distract the Nurse for a period and allow for the player to access their equipment.

If someone is murdered in her line of sight, she will yell for all individuals in a large radius to flee, and then will attempt to reason with the player and get them to surrender peacefully if they are still in the area. Her actions do not have any direct effect on the player, aside from possibly making them feel bad.

Medium Atmosphere

At medium atmosphere, Izumi will become less willing to assist the player or others if they are acting suspiciously, and will be less forgiving of such actions. She will also be more prone to jumping to conclusions regarding things. While she is still significantly lighter on the player than most students, many of her beneficial actions are disabled.

The player will be locked out of using Izumi’s cool-down hugs and suspicious item transfers, and she will additionally not allow for the player to make a choice regarding if they are seen as bloody, instead always going for the nurse.

If someone is murdered in her line of sight, she will yell for all individuals in a large radius to flee as in high atmosphere, but instead of attempting to dissuade the player from their rampage, she will instead flee to teachers and warn them.

Low Atmosphere

At low atmosphere, Izumi will become unwilling to assist or associate with the player if they are doing anything suspicious and will instead report the activity to the councilor. She will try and herd students into groups for protection. She will be extremely jumpy, and her usually forgiving behaviour is replaced by extreme worry about others, with her being extremely quick to assume something bad has happened if she doesn't understand the situation.

If someone is murdered in her line of sight, she will bolt for the Cooking Club room and barricade herself inside along with anyone else in the room.


  • Izumi scores 14 points on the Mary Sue Litmus Test.

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