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Izanami Zonbi
Izanami Zonbi



Female Female


She She






157 lbs


September 24th

Astrological Sign

Libra Libra


Social Butterfly


Demisexual Demisexual

Personal Status


Educated in

Akademi Highschool







Additional Info
-Very Clumsy.

-Walks with a limp.

-Rumored to be a Zombie.

Izanami is a tall girl, currently 6 feet tall. She's got light gray eyes, usually accompanied with eye-bags underneath. She has light blue hair that goes to the top part of her back, it's shaggy and not very well kept, and it casts a shadow on her face. Izanami wears bandages on her face, hands and her left leg, all from injuring herself. Due to her breaking her left leg, and it still recovering, she walks with a limp, mostly walking with her right leg.

In the morning, without her daily dose of caffeine, she looks tired, exhausted, and even somewhat like a walking corpse.


Izanami is a ditzy girl, she's friendly and very polite, but she's not so smart and she's a total airhead. She tries to be smart, but it doesn't work well. Izanami is very resistant to pain after having many times where she tripped downstairs, scrapped her knees, slipped on floors, and other accidents. 

She has a tendency to stay up late at night and sleep for only a bit, so when she goes to school in the morning, she seems dead inside, simply mumbling under her breath until she goes to the school's vending machine. 


Witnessing Murder:
"Oh my god! I gotta get somewhere safe, right now!"

Discovering a corpse: "A- Are they dead..? Oh no, oh no, oh no!"

Discovering blood: "What happened here? This doesn't look good.."

Witnessing taking of panty shots: "Stop it you creep! That's, like, not cool at all!"

Witnessing someone armed: "Why are you carrying something like that? You could hurt yourself y'know!"

Witnessing someone visibly insane: "Are you okay? You don't look so good.."

Seeing someone naked outside of the shower rooms: "Where are your clothes? That doesn't look like the uniform to me.."

Having water or blood poured on her: "Great.. Water. Now i gotta go change.." "Gre- Wait.. I- Is this blood?! What the hell?!"


  • 7:00 - 7:20 - Walks to school with the others, but after going to her locker she goes straight to the cafeteria and goes to get a soda.
  • 7:20 - 8:00 - Walks downstairs to talk with Akki.
  • 8:00 - 1:00 - Attends class
  • 1:00 - 1:30 - Goes to the rooftop to eat with Akki.
  • 1:30 - 3:30 - Goes back to class.
  • 3:30 - Walks home with the rest.


"Izanami is lost without her caffeine, get her a soda from the vending machine."


  1. Talk to Izanami before she's had her soda.
  2. Accept task.
  3. Go to Cafeteria.
  4. Grab a soda from the vending machine.
  5. Go to Izanami.
  6. Hand over the soda.

Asking: "Caffeine... Caffeine.. Get me.. Caffeine.."

Refusing: "Ugh...."

Accepting: "Thank... You..."

Task complete: "Ah.. That's so much better. Thank you so much, i'll pay back the favor anytime!"



Izanami doesn't know her at the beginning of the game, but she can be her friend if her task is completed. Her opinion of Yandere-chan is based completely on the player's actions. If she catches Yandere-chan murdering someone, she'll be terrified of her and refuse to talk to her.

Akki Shuten-Dji:

Akki and Izanami have known each other for a long while, they met when they first went to Akidemi, and have been good friends ever since. Izanami is unaware of Akki's affections, but will find out with the help of Yandere-chan. If Izanami finds out, she'll soon confront Akki and will date her about 2 days later.

Headcanon voice:

FE Fates Voices Peri-100:51

FE Fates Voices Peri-1


(Note: Only the currently available topics are here.) 

Cooking: Neutral

Drama: Neutral

Occult: Positive

Art: Neutral

Music: Positive

Martial Arts: Neutral

Photography: Neutral

Science: Neutral

Gaming: Positive

Anime: Positive

Kittens: Positive

Money: Neutral

Loan Sharks: Neutral


  • She was born on the day "Shaun of the dead" was released.
  • When running away, she's a bit slower then others due to a limp.
  • She's fallen down about 24 times in the past 3 months.
  • Izanami's first name is based on the goddess of Creation and Death, and her last name is the Japanese name for Zombie.

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