Student Info
Career Information Gatherer
Reputation -999
Club Info Club

Formerly Newspaper Club

Age 17
Persona Evil
Crush None
Additional Info Trying to look up my information? Don't bother. There is nothing you need to know about me. You're a client, and I'm a provider. That's all we need to know about each other.
Info-chan is a mysterious female that goes to Akademi High.


She is extremely clever and sly, and she seems driven by curiosity. Her moral standards are extremely low, and one could even go so far as to say she is sadistic. She knows how to use people while making them think that they are using her, such as in her client/provider relationship with Ayano Aishi. She cares about nobody, and serves only for her own gain.


Ayano Aishi: She decided it would be best to let her do the work of eliminating her rivals, as her main rivals are also Ayano's rivals.

Taro Yamada: She cares nothing about him.

Osana Najimi: She absolutely hates her. Osana came very close to exposing Info-chan's identity, so she must be punished for her sins.

Oka Ruto: She hates her. She decided to make her seem like an idiot by causing her to obsess over something stupid, so she told Oka that the Basu sisters are supernatural beings. Since nobody has ever known Info-chan to be wrong, she believed her. Info-chan then told everyone else that anyone who believes that is a fool, so Oka stalks the Basu sisters daily in an attempt to prove them wrong.



  • Her old club, the Newspaper Club, was disbanded as all of the members left for unknown reasons. She decided not to recreate it, as she had a feeling the new Newspaper Club would suffer the same fate.

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