Imoto Furendo is an OC owned by me, DeadlyTeddyBear009.

Imoto Furendo
Name Imoto Furendo

Dance Club




Kimaui Dere


She has black hair and tan skin like her brother/sister.


She is a Dandere at heart as she is very shy. Her persona is loner/damsel, meaning she will first run to her brother/sister and tell him/her that Yandere Chan murdered somemone and then will run out of the school and call the police. If her brother already went home, she'll go to Budo Masuta or members of the Martial Arts Club.


She arrives at 7:30 so she has time to go to the Dance Club. At 8:25 she goes to her class and at 8:30 she starts morning classes. At 1:00 she goes to the cafeteria to flirt with Kimazui Dere. At 1:25 she goes back to her classroom and at 1:30 she starts afternoon classes. At 3:30 she ends classes for the day and goes to the Dance Club. She then leaves the school with the other members at 6:00.


Yandere-chan - A classmate of hers.

Hogo Furendo - Her brother/sister. She's annoyed with him/her for being very protective of her.

Uchikina Tekinananoko - Her brother's crush, thinks she's a nice girl.

Kimazui Dere - Her crush. She likes him because he is cute, smart and caring.

Other OCs

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"Thanks, that's really nice of you to say." - When complimented.

"You are crazy Ayano!" - When Yandere Chan is insane or laughing maniacally.

"Don't you dare hurt someone with that thing!" - When seeing Yandere Chan with a weapon.

"Oh My God! I'm getting my brother!" When seeing Yandere Chan murder someone.

"You are disgusting! Stop that!" When seeing Yandere Chan taking a panty shot.

"Look Hogo, I know you think that I'm a little girl, but I can take care of myself!


She likes to dance so much, she would rather dance, then spend time with her cousins.