Updated ima the bea,


Ima, wears the original uniform and has white skin. She has white pupils and black eyeballs. She has long black hair.


She can be evil. If she knows students with 1- rep she will blackmail them get people to gossip about them/she/he. She is very much of a loner. She only comes to school once a week to stalk new victims. She can be a mysterious girl. She does not have an exact persona.

Ima The Beam
Staff Info
Career Giving Information
Club Info Club
Age 18
Persona Evil/Loner/Unknown
Crush Unknown


She was first unknown as "Info-Chan 2" She got mad about she she made her official name Ima The Beam. She goes by Ieam. (Ima and beam together). She makes herself very mysterious. She is a partner of Info-Chan but is not very well known.. YET...... -Evil Laugh-


Ima is the first OC of Emi.

Ima is evil but she can be nice.

Ima likes listening to rock in roll

Her favorite food is Chicken

Her favorite drink is any japanese soda.

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