Igaku Ashisuto was one of TheFunGame's OCs. She has been adopted by SKiyoshi

Igaku Ashisuto
Igaku Ashisuto

Ashisuto Igaku


Rorita Kawai



Additional Info
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Igaku is a mysterious girl who works as a Nurse's assistant. She is rarely seen by other students, and not much is known about her. If she isn't intentionally hiding, she can be found in the Nurse's office, listening to music. 


Igaku has the Helper persona. If she witnesses a murder, she will run over to the corpse, and attempt to save the student. If she fails, she will hunt down the player, and attempt to restrain her.


Rorīta has light pink hair and light pink hair buns. She has purple and red eyes. She wears a custom version of the Dark Blazer. She wears a light purple mask. Due to being a Nurse's assistant, she is supposed to wear a Nurse's cap, but she never does, causing many students to be confused about her position.

Original Design

Igaku has light purple hair and has bubblegum pink highlights. She has Purple and pink eyes and wears a pink headband. She wears Purple head phones. She wears a customized uniform. She wears a light purple mask often.


  • Bobu Kyatto: Igaku doesn't like Bobu due to the fact that she seems to find her whenever she's hiding out. Bobu doesn't have much of an opinion on her.
  • Nemesis: Igaku finds Nemesis to be creepy, and keeps her distance from her. Igaku doesn't know about the murders Nemesis has commited.
  • Taro Yamada: Hangs out with him often, due to the fact that he is constantly in the infirmary due to bruises. Igaku finds him to be very annoying.


Igaku Ashisuto
Name Igaku Ashisuto

Nurse's Assistants







  • Her original name was Rorīta Kawai 
  • Her original owner was Kawai~Pandah
  • Credits to all piece creators.

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