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Iem Oim is an OC created by GreenSister.

Iem Oim

Portrait By SenpaiX

Full Name Iem Mio Oim
Nicknames Iem-chan
Personal Information
Birthday Same as Mei Mio
Astrological Sign Libra
Age 17
Race Human
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Height Same as Mei Mio
Weight 5'8
Class 2-2
Club(s) Cooking
Sexuality Heterosexual
Crush(s) None
Hair Blue
Eye Blue
Skin Pale
Uniform Uniform 1
Family & Relationships
Hometown Buraza Town
Family Mr. Oim, Mrs. Oim, And Mei Mio (cousin)
Affiliation Mei Mio
Occupation School Girl
Allies None
Enemies Yui Rio


Iem is a nice schoolgirl and considers herself as a "Good Cook". Her and Mei are cousins.


Iem has blue twintails and blue eyes. She has the default uniform unless customized by the player.


Iem was born in Tokyo, Japan until she moved to Buraza Town. Her dad used to go on business trips and gave her gifts but when she was Six, She got abused by her father with gave her a scar on her leg. WIP


  • Her name is Mei Mio but spelled backwards