She is a fun loving girl who always means well she is a bit tomboyish, she is carefree but dependable. she is over confident and prideful she loves to boast about things and she can come off as a bitch sometimes oh she's also a huge brat. She loves to rub victory in someones face and thinks she is the best. She is kind though (in her own way). Oh she is a sore loser too. She is rumored to be a catgirl but only a fool would believe that


She was always her parents favorite out of the three sisters she always got what she wanted no matter what. so she became Bratty, Yoru was always in her shadow. She always got all the better presents on Christmas, and everything always went her way.


She claims her ears and tail are fake.

She slaps anyone who touches her tail.

She moans strangely when someone touches her tail.




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