She's an extrovert and Deredere that often tries to stop Fumio Hisuke/TripLenDuBochefudgyMiiX AU from his lewd actions.

Humiko Daisuke
Full Name Humiko Daisuke
Nicknames Extrovert bookworm.
Personal Information
Birthday April 6th
Astrological Sign Capricorn
Age 17
Race Human
Gender Female
Blood Type A-
Height 186 cm
Weight 45 KG
Class 2-1
Club(s) Gaming, Library Assistance.
Sexuality Heterosexual.
Crush(s) Unknown
Hair Blue
Eye Black
Skin White
Misc Nothing special.
Uniform Changes according to day.
Family & Relationships
Hometown Buraza
Family Too lazy to make useless family OCs.
Affiliation Reading
Occupation Student
Allies idk
Enemies idk