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Art by Po-Zu

Hi, Hoshi Ando is Owned by Bell´Dan please ask before you using it. Grammar/Spelling Fixing is OK

Hoshi Ando
Hoshi Ando
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation Unknown
Club Gardening
Age 16
Persona Coward
Crush Ai Hayashi
Strength Unknown
Additional Info There is no additional information available at this time.

Hoshi Ando is a fanmade character made by Jacbocford. She appears in Yandere Simulator 2D.


Hoshi has matching green eyes and hair. She wears the default uniform. Her hair is styled into twin tails. She wears thigh-high green stockings.






  • She has her own twitter here.
  • She is the 4th seat in the Gardening Club, but has no power.
  • She sometimes stalks Ai Hayashi

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