Hitomi Soma is a student that currently goes to Akedemi High School.She is Riku Soma's FANON younger sister.


Hitomi has dark purple-ish blue hair with red highlights in then.She alsi wears maroon and teal striped stockings.Hitomi has deep blue eyes and pale skin.



Hitomi is both tsundere and devoted.She acts as a tsundere to any guy and in general avoids things like love becayse shes waiting for her senpai to come.(I dont have a fucking clue who her senpai will be)She is devoted because she doesnt want her older brother to find love and wont let anyone touch him.If you murder someone,Hitomi will become more protective of her brother.If yiu in fct murder her brother she will become like a mind slave.If she begins to notice uou murdering many people during the week,she will become hostile and attack the player,resulting in a mini game

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