Hisaiku Megumi is an OC by akari kazumi.

Megumi is a student studying in Akademi High.

Physical Appearance

Megumi is a turquoise-eyed 5'6 14 year old girl with purple-greyish hair that falls past her shoulders.


Similar to Kokona, Megumi is a social butterfly.Upon witnessing a murder,she will run to the nearest crowd then call the police.Megumi will happily pose if the anyone takes a picture of them.


~ Megumi is in class 2-1 with Yandere-chan, Koharu Hinata, etc.

~ Megumi is a binge eater. She tends to binge eat while gaming.

~ Despite being a social butterfly, Megumi has only a few best friends. She tends to stick to her 'squad'.

~ Megumi games A LOT. During break, after school, and even before going to school.

~ Her favourite games are : League of Legend and pokemon.

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