Hisa Messer
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Unknown
Club None
Age 18
Persona Unknown
Crush Unknown
Additional Info None
Hisa Tanja Messer is a Third-Year student at Nakademe High, a rival school for Akademi. Hisa usually skips school in order to spend her time at Akademi High trying to get close to Yandere-chan.


Hisa is an average eighteen years old, with medium height and average weight. She wears the Nakademe Uniform all the time except on weekends when she changes into her pajamas.

She has short, blond hair cut in a messy arrange, blue eyes and rather pale skin. Although she was born in Japan, her father is German and she's got most of her genetics from him, therefore she lacks most of the Japanese traits.


Hisa is a nice but quirky girl, who likes to sneak in places she shouldn't and check everything. She's been born with an inquisitive streak and she will never stop until she achieves her goal.

She's quite irresponsible, skipping school in order to continue with her petty investigations. She usually turns her homework in at the very last moment and isn't a really good student. She manages, though. School just isn't something she likes.

She's quite social and will want human interaction all the time. She needs it. Sometimes she'll try to engage in conversation with any student who she comes across.


Hisa was born to Fabian Messer and Riko Hisakawa in Japan. She has a little brother named Shun, who inherited their mother's looks.

Her relationship with her parents was always tense. Her mother always showed favoritism, always spending time with Shun and forgetting about Hisa, while her father is a control freak and wants to know every step Hisa makes. He even went as far as to hire a man to follow his daughter when she was in Middle School. When Hisa found out and she confronted him, he blamed her for it and called her a rebellious and ungrateful brat. Hisa always found ways to sneak out, anyway.

She was never a good student. Even when she was in Elementary school, Hisa was always skipping classes in order to hang out in the gardens. Her grades were fairly average, but that was good enough for her.

Eventually, her parents enrolled her in Nakademe, thinking that a change would do her good. It didn't. Hisa continued being inquisitive, curious and irresponsible. Eventually, she started hanging out at Akademi. She only spoke to Yandere-chan once but started to see her from afar. One day, she developed a crush on her. She's been wandering Akademi since then.


"I've seen you around, you know? I'm Hisa"

"Technically I shouldn't be here, but technicians were never my forte"

"Perhaps I do study here but I don't have the money to buy the uniform"


-Hisa means Longlasting, while Tanja, in Sanskrit, means Daughter.

-Hisa plays the flute and the piano.

-Hisa has a pet bunny called Chubs.

-She is fluent in both German and Japanese


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