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When Hiroto started his first year at Akademi High School, his parents were killed during a robbery while his sister and him were at school. They had no other relatives to take care of them, so Hiroto decided to take charge and get a job. Ever since then, he's been putting food on the table and paying the bills in the house.


Hiroto is a loner. If a he witnesses a murder, he will run out of school to call the police, giving the player five minutes to get rid of the evidence there was a murder. Since he is a loner, he will not let you take pictures of his face. If Hiroto sees the player commit murder, and the player tries to talk to him the next day, he will threaten to tell everyone what the player has done.




Aoba Muro: Considers him a good friend. He always tells him who he sees hanging around Soko, unknowingly helping Aoba find who to kill in order to get to Soko. He is unaware of Aoba's yandere activity.

Nanako Chizuko: A girl in his class he has a crush one. When he looks at her, he sees a beautiful girl and not some chick with a prosthetic leg. He talks to her whenever he gets the chance. He'd really like to confess his feeling, but he doesn't exactly know how.