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Hiroshi is a teacher in Akademi High School. She is a young woman that teaches in Class 2-1.

Hiroshi's casual outfit.


Hiroshi is a ditzy, clueless teacher. She is naturally pretty and many boys like her, even if she is a teacher. She loves students, but they seem to kind of hate her lessons. She's very lenient on homework. (Ex: I forgot my home work. ​That's alright, my dear. ​*swoon* lol I'm weird)


Hiroshi has long blonde hair and brown eyes. She wears glasses.

Kisekae Code (I think)



  1. Is already at school by 7:00.
  2. At 8:00, Hiroshi greets her class with a smile and a wink.
  3. By 1:00, heads to the faculty room and sits on a desk.
  4. At 1:30, heads back to class, possibly with her blazer off.
  5. When it becomes 3:30, she will walk outside and randomly go wherever, making it harder for you to kill people.


  • Hiroshi is based off of the planned substitute teacher.
  • She is very flirty without knowing it.
  • If she witnesses murder, she'll run away instead of fighting you. She will flee to the faculty room.
  • If you interact with her after a murder, she will forgive you if you write an "apology" (if you have at least level 1 writing).
  • Hiroshi may be the easiest teacher to interact with, and she can be kidnapped extremely easily.

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