Hinata Maki

Hinata Maki
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation 0
Club Unknown
Age 15
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush Unknown
Additional Info OC owned by RemiRymi
Hinata Maki is a first year at Akademi High School. He is a foreigner from America, having only lived in Japan for a year. While able to speak fluently in Japanese, his accent can make her hard to understand and interferes with his dream of becoming an Idol. His real name is Jamie Iris.


Jamie grew up in Washington, living with his older sister and his parents. As a child, he was often mistaken for a girl and grew tired of correcting others. After trying on a few dress out of curiosity, He found he rather enjoyed girl's clothes and began wearing them ever since. Even while living in the United States, He and his friends enjoyed listening to Idol groups. He had always enjoyed singing and began aspiring to become an Idol. His family moved to Japan during middle school because his mother was offered a job at an office as a translator. Jamie changed his name to Hinata Maki to help adjust to living in Japan.