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Himari Kita





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63 kg


August 1st

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Leo Leo

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Aromantic Aromantic

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Martial Arts

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Akademi High School





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Buraza Town

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Unnamed Mother

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Additional Info
Friendly girl with a lot of pride.

Very tough and very talkative.

Himari Kita is a fanon student who attends Akademi High School.


Himari is bubbly and optimistic, always friendly to strangers and friends alike. "The more the merrier!" is her go-to motto when it comes to people, especially since she feels restless when left alone. Himari has trouble understanding those who enjoy solitude and can come across as overbearing to some. Himari can get quite giddy about what she likes and loves a good laugh, although when focused she becomes more serious. She tends to talk too much and can be a bit naive.

Himari is athletic and works out often, taking and keeping a great interest in keeping her body healthy and fit. She is powerful and is somewhat fast, a formidable foe. Himari can certainly take a few rough hits. She has advanced through the Martial Arts Club because of her hard work, inability to give up, competitive mindset, and her innate talent for sparring.

However, she has no skill in her regular classes. Himari is only somewhat intelligent and spends a lot more time than she would want to admit trying to get her work done. Himari gets less than the best grades, but enough to get by and then some. Her grades are improving, but not at a fast rate.

She is confident she can get anything done on her own, especially for physical jobs. Himari has a lot of pride in her instincts and skill. Although she is not the smartest she has a ton of pride and objects to being accused or berated. She even came to Akademi High because she wanted to be with the best of the best. Himari is never meek, always fearless, and can say what she wants to whenever she wants to. In addition, Himari is known to be quite adventurous and honestly enjoys having new experiences.

She has never felt any romantic or sexual feelings to another person and never will. Himari does not care for any of that. Himari does not like girly things and would probably be better off hanging out with boys. She does not mind getting her hands dirty and does not care for makeup or clothes.


Himari has been pretty popular throughout her childhood. When she was young she mostly hung around male students, but had a good bit of female friends. The main female friends were Mitsuyo Imeko, a girl who was more popular than she had hoped, Erisa Ikuko, a foolish and sporty blonde, and Minori Etsuko, the resident nerd. Whenever Himari made a close friend she promised to keep in touch with them no matter what, making her social circle grow more and more over the years.

Because of her busy social life, she leaves little time for her family and was not seen home often. As she grew older Himari chose to better her relationship with her parents, but she still enjoys the presence of her friends more. Mitsuyo encouraged Himari to stay with her parents more, as they can only be on Earth for so long, but Himari disagrees as they are already there every day of her life.

Himari may make excuses to get away from her parents and go out into the world without her parents to be there for her all the time. Thus, Himari made more and mores friends (not that she had to really force herself to) and joined some sports teams to work more with her new friends. It was then that she learned her love for sports, which only made a greater divide between her and her family.

Her parents were sad that Himari was away from them for so often, but they kept quiet for a while so that Himari could be happy. But later they realized how Himari could become too independent, or possibly dependent on her friends. So they set up some family vacations overseas to limit her time with her friends and have her spend more time in safety at home. Himari argued with them for this new setup, but their minds were set.

When Himari went to high school, her relationship with her parents got a little better, although not as much as they hoped. Himari spent her afterschool time with friends or at her club, and when she got home she talked on the phone or went in her room. Himari is going to go off to college in a few years, and her parents want her to cherish their time together before she goes.


Airi Yuu

Airi may occasionally spar in the Martial Arts Club with the other members, including Himari Kita. Airi makes an effort to talk to Himari when there's an awkward silence, but other than that she doesn't say much. Himari respects Airi's skill, but hates that the girl is so quiet. Himari doesn't know much else about Airi other than what little she learns in the Martial Arts Club, so she doesn't have many positive or negative opinions about the girl. Himari doesn't understand why her senior wanders around so much, but is sure it's for a good reason.

Barakou Koizumi

Himari and Barakou know each other after Minori became friends with Barakou. They don't get along well but tolerate one another for the sake of Minori.

Chikako Shinju

Chikako and Himari are good friends and the two enjoy each other's company. They compare their various skills and trade puns. When in the Martial Arts Club, the two will spar together more often than they spar with others.

Himari silently wishes that Chikako would have a little more drive in life, with a clear goal in mind. Chikako's aimlessness worries Himari, and at times Chikako notices.

Erisa Ikuko

Mitsuyo introduced Himari to Erisa and the two girls became quick friends. Erisa loves Himari and treasures their friendship; the feeling is reciprocated. The two have remained close throughout the years and Himari was the first to accept Erisa's heartfelt apology after Erisa kind of abandoned her friends. Himari knows that Erisa may do it again but she wants to continue their friendship to help Erisa get better. On a side note, Himari is confused with Erisa's need to be trendy and feminine and loves her cooking. Himari also plays some songs with Erisa.


Himari's immediate family aren't as close as other Japanese families, as Himari prefers to hang out with her friends instead. Nonetheless they do love each other and her parents try and make time for family bonding. It was her mother who suggested taking Himari to dinner at all the best places in town and let her review all of them. She is lucky to have them, although she does not yet know it.

Fano Nanoko

For Fano Himari can be a bit of a handful, and Himari can get a little annoyed at Fano's antics, but the two still like each other nonetheless. Himari considers Fano a friend as they tend to share similar views and beliefs. Himari often invites Fano to parties, though Fano may decline.

Homura Matsuo

Himari may visit the Cooking Club for the free food, which is where the two usually bump into each other. Homura regards Himari as the mooch who surprisingly doesn't need a diet, but Himari doesn't care. Homura takes delight in giving Himari food in exchange for favors.

Minori Etsuko

Minori and Himari have known each other for a long time and are childhood friends. Minori assists Himari with her homework after Himari begged the girl to do so. In return, Himari helps Minori keep an average diet, as Minori tends to go overboard with sweets. The two have only grown closer over the years, even though Minori finds Himari slightly annoying and is envious of her, while Himari believes that Minori needs more friends. The two still enjoy one another's company.

Mitsuyo Imeko

Mitsuyo is one of Himari's childhood friends and was the one who introduced Himari to Erisa. Mitsuyo only became friends with Himari to keep Erisa off her back, while Himari believes that Mitsuyo is a reliable old friend.

Rie Nobuko

Rie has asked Himari for notes before, but Himari said she doesn't take much. Himari challenges Rie to a number of athletic-related contests, which Rie can sometimes find to be a bit obnoxious.

Rie Ueda

Rie thinks that Himari is extremely annoying, but can't kill her as Himari is almost always surrounded by sometimes very powerful friends. Himari thinks Rie is adorable but not very interesting.

Rowan Linwood

Rowan had once tried to steal some snacks from Himari before, which almost gave him a fist to the jaw and a heart attack. Himari apologized for her reflexes and joked that he should be more careful next time. The two occasionally bump into each other at the Cooking Club, both of them trying to get as much free food as possible. Himari teases him because she is the more manly of the two.

Sachiko Nagahimistu

Himari encourages Sachiko to be more serious about her club work, but Sachiko disagrees. Himari still loves her fervor for clubs and Himari visits Sachiko often. Sachiko has shown her some scripts in hopes of Himari telling all her friends about them.



  • Her favorite hobby is sparring in the Martial Arts Club. She loves to test herself.
  • She loves to eat all kinds of food.
  • Himari likes to joke around and act silly.
  • She can be found drumming on the taiko, and her talent is not in short supply.
  • Himari has her own field for football practice in another country. She likes to keep up-to-date with the football teams around the world.


  • She is slightly fond of tonkatsu. The pork is fairly appealing to her.
  • Himari enjoys sardine tomato stew with spinach.
  • She adores barazushi, especially the mackerel that goes with it.
  • She craves taiyaki with cheesy filling. It's her favorite dessert of all time.
  • Himari craves salmon rillettes with baguette slices every now and then.


  • Himari enjoys hojicha tea. She loves the toasty taste.
  • Pocari Sweat is her favorite type of sports drink.


  • She prefers to hang around the Martial Arts Club, the Cooking Club, the cafeteria, the track, the gym, cafes, the fountain, the movies, karaoke spots, restaurants, concerts, or wherever her friends may go (e.g. the library).
  • Ever since she starting leaving on regular family vacations overseas she started to really admire Western culture, favoring its extroversion over the East's introversion. She might start to complain when she hasn't visited the West in a few months, which can be bothersome to others.


Himari loves to swear and talks quite boldly. She says what's on her mind and tends to be direct about what she believes, disliking thinking before speaking. She usually sounds overzealous.


  • She is in Classroom 2-2.
  • Party Animal
    Cuddly Bear


"It'll get better! Eventually!"

"Fuck it."


Kisekae Code

White Seifuku Uniform






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