Hikari Mirai is an OC by MLPFan~Chan. She is also

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the twin sister of Nikki Mirai and the first student to have the Queen Bee persona.


Hikari will share similar appearances to her sister Nikki. She will alsk have cobalt blue hair with partial bangs, short frontal locks and is pulled back. However their parted bangs are different. So are their height and weight, with Hikari being taller and thiner. She also wears the default uniform when she arrives to Japan. Her uniform In London is unknown. She also wears a pearl bracelet and white stockings.


Hikari is from the wealthy Mirai family. Her dad is a CEO of a successful company and her mother is a famous actress. She was In a International Boarding school In London until week 4. However, despite her being away until week 4, She is not a rival. Once she transfers to Akademi, she will be assigned to class 2-2.


Hikari is a queen bee. Known for high reputation and will only interact with the player If the player has high reputation. And If she witnesses murder, she might spread rumors about you. She is bossy and Is popular for being rich, for being a transfer student, her grades(her average is B+)and for her appearance. She will not be a bully, however she will still be unlikeable. Since she's the only Queen Bee, she will walk with her sister until there are other Queen Bee.

However, once she became friends with the player(after doing a task) She will be a bit nicer, But deep down she's still a spoiled bitch


Hikari enters the school gates with her sister at 7.45 AM. She will go to her locker and head to the rooftop to gossip with her sister, Musume Ronshaku and Midori Gurin until 8.00. She will go to class 2-2 and start her morning lessons until 1.00. She later goes to the rooftop once again to have lunch with her sister, Musume and Midori. After having lunch, she will gossip with them(possibly about Kokona Haruka or Koharu Hinata, since she dislikes them for some reason). She goes back to class at 1.20 PM and finishes her lessons at 3.00PM. She later goes to her locker and lingers there until 3.15 PM when she goes home with her sister and Midori.


Showing the ropes:Hikari is still new here. Please show her around(by asking her to follow you around the school grounds)Once the tour is done, This task is done and you might get some reputation bonus


Yandere Chan:Will only be friends with Yan Chan If she has high reputation.

Nikki Mirai:Is her twin sister. Nikki seems to love Hikari nonetheless, But Hikari sometimes mistreat Nikki for being clumsy

Midori Gurin:She is friends with Midori, however, unlike Hikari, Midori is sweet.

Kokona Haruka:Hikari doesn't like Kokona and seems to enjoy gossiping about Kokona

Koharu Hinata:Doesn't like Koharu either

Mei Mio:Mei doesn't really like Hikari, as Hikari once called her hairstyle as the "stupid" blue riceball

Musume Ronshaku:Is her subordinate. Musume and Hikari shares the same snobby persona. However, Hikari is disgusted by Musume's smoking habits

Students:Most students like Hikari, despite of her terrible personality

Osana Najimi:Osana and Hikari are friends

Saki Miyu:Hikari and Saki are also friends, as they both love Hatsune Miku. But despite of this, Hikari will never take Saki away from Kokona as she already has her own best friend and subordinate.


  • She expects everyone to see her as perfect
  • If MLPFan~Chan would actually make the slice of life/drama fanfic of Yandere Simulator, Hikari might be a rival. Making It hard to kill her without her sister noticing as If she did, she will try to kill you
  • Hikari loves the book Fifty Shades, Unlike her sister who despise It
  • As In the fanfic series, There might be some point where the teacher who doesn't know 50 shades and thought It was a fantasy would hand It to the students to discuss about It

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