Hikari Hiyama


Hikari is an enigmatic girl, with something constantly on her mind. She sees puzzles and simulations as challenges that must be solved, and she's often tinkering with some kind of device she invented. Amazingly, most of these never fail with a few exceptions, such as her failed attempt to release herself from the confines of her room with a giant, mechanical hammer that actually broke apart once it made contact with her walls when she was nine-years-old. Hikari is quite well-known throughout Akademi High, not purely because of her intelligence, but because of her resplendent maturity and bluntness.

She is not necessarily rude or uncouth, but finds it a waste of time to be kind to people who would not treat her the same way. Hikari, however, is prone to displays of poor judgement, which leads her to being rude or otherwise blunt to people who do not actually mean her any harm. Hikari is not fond of treason or lying, albeit she is streaked with a subtle rebelliousness that could be easily noticed if she is not careful, which she is unfortunately not. She is a very serious person, and does not wish to live unseriously. Hikari is the kind of girl who needs a motivation to go forward, which she does with discipline and cleverness. She is very quick-thinking and great to think outside the box. She'll be constantly on the watch, listening carefully to each word you tell her. If see senses even the tiniest bit of suspicion in their voice, any trust she had before with the person will dissipate, like smoke in the air.

Hikari Hiyama

Basic Information

Persona: Loner

Crush: None

Strength: Weak

Club: No Club


She is the first ever OC made by E.M.

Her name is a homage to Hikari Kirigami (Corpse Party.)

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