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Ishikawa Hibiki
Hibiki Ishikawa



Ishikawa Hibiki


Female Female


She She








October 12




Heterosexual Heterosexual



Additional Info
Secret: Alcoholism

Hibiki Ishikawa is a second year student. She does not start in a club.


Hibiki is an only child.

Hibiki's parents are extremely pressuring and demanding of her to succeed in school, placing large amounts of stress on her. She has started faltering under this stress lately, and so has taken to various less-than-savory methods to try and deal with it. By the time of the game's events, she has started using alcohol as her coping method.


Hibiki is quite short for her age. She has extremely long blonde hair and orange eyes. While sober, her hair is kept in a single massive braid, typically worn around her neck like a scarf. When drunk, her hair will instead be an unkempt mess.

Hibiki wears the default uniform.


Hibiki has a fairly short temper and does not hesitate to issue profane tirades at others if she is upset with them. In her intoxicated state, in addition to becoming increasingly fiery, she will become extremely impulsive and will do things with no concern over their consequences.

Hibiki has the Temperamental persona. She will act with hostility towards unplanned interaction, and does not accept apologies for suspicious behaviour. Assisting her with her problems will alleviate her hostility significantly towards the player.


Hibiki wanders to a large degree, but typically keeps to activity hotspots. She will usually go to the same social circle each day, as opposed to interacting with a variety of individuals.

When drunk, Hibiki often heads straight for activity, or at least as straight as she is able to, with no regard for who it might be. She is also significantly rowdier, and has an altered appearance which makes her intoxicated state easy to discern.


Hibiki does not take kindly to suspicious activities, and will often attempt to actively interfere with them if possible. She will amplify the penalty of and draw attention to suspicious actions if she is the first one to notice them (yelling at the player if they are bloody, as an example). Her most extreme reaction is if she catches the player being visibly lewd; she will give chase to the player and will attempt to steal their phone from them to take it to the councilor. She is fairly strong and is able to steal with success from unprepared players. The player can retrieve their phone by giving chase and tackling her, which will cause a second, ground-based struggle minigame. If the player has incriminating items on their phone in addition to the lewd pictures when Hibiki hands the phone over, the player will be apprehended.

Like several other students, Hibiki has a special method of elimination regarding an item on her person - in this case, the player is able to stealth-kill her by strangling her with her hair braid, which will take significantly longer than a normal stealth kill, but will not leave blood and will cause a delayed reaction in case her corpse is found.

Hibiki additionally has a second unique elimination method, revolving around her secret of alcoholism. If she loses more than 60 reputation points in a single day but remains above -150 reputation, Hibiki will binge-drink the following night and show up to school still clearly drunk the next day. Capturing footage of her in this state and showing it to other students allows a player to increase their gossip power against her threefold. She will be discovered and suspended by the staff soon into the day, so the player only has a few opportunities to locate Hibiki and exploit her state.

Instead of eliminating her, the player can also reach out to Hibiki regarding her problems. This requires a reputation of at least +50 and a level three Psychology stat, otherwise Hibiki will refuse to show up to the meetings. The player will need to meet with Hibiki a total of four times after school for her to begin working to overcome her issues. After the fourth meeting, she will adopt less hostile mannerisms to the player, and her alcoholism elimination method will become more difficult to pull off, requiring a massive drop of 100 reputation points to occur.


  • Hibiki scores 7 points on the Mary Sue Litmus Test.

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