This OC was created by RumorChan


Hekima has her hair down. Her hair is cherry red,her bangs are dyed neon pink. Her bust size is 1.5. She wears a

Hekima Satuma
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation -100
Club Cooking Club
Age 16
Persona Unknown
Crush Info-chan
Additional Info None
normal school uniform for females,her sleeves are longer though. She wears knee high socks. One is black,the other white.


She is very shy. She will not scream,just run if she sees anything strange like a body or blood. She rarely talks to anyone.


She has a crush on Info-chan and believes she is not so bad like everyone says she is. There are even rumors going round that's she IS Info-chan and the images given are fake,but that is highly unlikely this is true.


Aubrey: Aubrey and Hekima are good friends.

Kumo: Kumo is friends with Aubrey's friends, so going by that logic she is friends with Hekima.


  • Rumor actually forgot about her......

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