Heikin ren is an OC created by Yanderechild and is totally free to use !


Heikin has messy brown brown hair with a red bandanna around his head.



Juku Ren

Juku ren is Heikin ren's younger brother, Heikin likes to watch over him because he hates him in a nice way. He won't let anyone near him so he can be sad a lonely for the rest of his life

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Hatsukoi ruto

Heikin hates Hatsukoi and wants her to die and burn in hell, He knows that she has a crush on Juku and when ever he sees her he grins and beats her until she passes out and bleeds.

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-Heikin means average meaning that he is nothing special

-He is the older brother of Juku Ren

-he is in class 3-2

-He abuses and beats Hatsukoi