Hayami Himura
Hayami Himura
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 60
Club Cooking
Age Around 17
Persona Teacher's Pet
Crush Senpai/Taro Yamada
Additional Info None
Hayami Himura is Queenie496's OC, if you want to use Hayami for any reason you must ask Queenie496 first.


Hayami has a body similar/resembling Saki Miyu's, but different face and hair.

She has very long pink hair and bright green eyes, when the regular uniform is being worn, Hayami can be found wearing fuzzy light pink leg warmers.


Hayami is currently a social butterfly, but this may change later as the game progresses and has more personalities. She cannot participate in fights against murderers but is extremely quick and it is recommended that you kill her first.

Hayami can sometimes be found "taking a nap" at her locker, and during the Cooking Club when it isn't Hayami's turn to cook. She sometimes gets scolded by the leader depending on her mood.


Senpai : Hayami is Senpai's 3rd best friend, following his sister and then to Osana.

[1]Senpai's Sister/Imouto: Almost soul sisters, they do everything together, but neither of them know they both have feelings for senpai.

Kokona Haruka : Good friends, nothing else

Osana Najimi : Very good friends, but not best friends. Neither of them know they both have feelings for senpai

Saki Miyu :Acquaintances, they can be spotted talking to each other from time to time.


7:02: Hayami Himura enters school with Imouto, both on their phones and giggling to each other. When they arrive at their lockers they talk and gossip as they change into their indoor shoes, without their phones.

7:15: Hayami and Imouto head to the rooftop and sit down on a bench gossiping, chatting, sharing phones, and playing small physical games from time to time.

8:00: Hayami separates and heads to her own class

1:00: Hayami and Imouto meet up at the rooftop, sharing small snacks and side dishes from their bentos, gossiping and chatting again as always.

1:30: Hayami separates and heads to her own class

3:30: Hayami heads for the cooking club and either sleeps or chat as they wait for Kokona to finish her snacks

5:30: Hayami and Imouto meet at the entrance and leave for the day.


Hayami was born into a rich family, but couldn't see her parents everyday since they were making business trips to other countries.

Hayami was involved in compensated dating only once, she still regrets it to this day.

Hayami is a B+ and A+ student, due to her all nighters studying which is the reason why she takes naps throughout the school day.

Past Love-Relationships

Senpai: Only lasted around a week, they were only together "Just for fun" But Hayami took it seriously. Senpai never considered it a real relationship. After that Hayami had been in deep depression.


Hayami lost a ring somewhere at school, she needs you to find it

They can be found at the roof on a bench


Hayami Himura's appearance is a merge of Mai Waifu and Midori Gurin if you couldn't tell

Hayami Himura has never told anyone about her crush on Senpai, it is VERY hard to find out her crush.

Yandere-chan and Info-chan are the only ones who know about Hayami's senpai

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