He is huge pervert who has a big crush on Yandere-chan, And due to this, He secretly dresses as a girl and calls himself Info-chan just to get closer to his crush.

Haruto Yuto
Full Name Haruto Yuto
Nicknames Info-chan
Personal Information
Birthday Jan 178978744th
Astrological Sign Cancileocorn
Age 16
Race Formula 1 1976
Gender Mail
Blood Type Blood types on a keyboard but sometimes a touch pad.
Height Quite shorter than Mt.Everest
Weight Of course lighter than a whale.
Class High Class
Club(s) J card of clubs
Sexuality Ytilauxes
Crush(s) Car Crush
Hair Grows under his arm
Eye Capital i
Skin Banana Skin
Misc Unknown
Uniform Unicorn 5#
Family & Relationships
Hometown Lavender Town
Family Lives in his house
Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unknown

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