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♥ STOP RIGHT THERE! This page belongs to Baedere's Fanon.♥

ANY of this is not canon except there (well maybe a little). If you complain ANY of this, you're gonna have a bad time...♥


Haruto Yuto wears the default male uniform but unbuttoned, showing a white shirt unless otherwise customized by the player.

He has fluffy red hair that fans around his head and red eye contacts (naturally strawberry pink). His hair is messier compared to Budo's. He also wears a silver earring on his right ear (which Kokona finds attractive).

He's average (not too fat and not too thin and no muscles and abs) and has an average height and weight.


He has the Social Evil persona (Teacher's Pet in canon). Haruto will congratulate the murderer only if he witnesses murder, then run to the nearest group and he will act as if he have done a huge favor for them, and will raise the murderer's reputation quite a bit daily, though the number goes down a bit daily.

He's some sort of a two-sided person. He's mostly rude, hot headed, annoying, talkative, immature (since he's the youngest) and very rebellious, however, he's actually a sweet, energetic, bubbly, cheerful, intelligent and hardworking.


Canon Characters

Yui Rio: His classmate. She hates him (Tsundere), teases and bullies him in the various ways (mostly sexually) the most. She might have a crush on him.

Yandere-chan: When Haruto witnesses a murder caused by her, he will congratulate her, then run to the nearest group and he will act as if you have done a huge favor for you, and will raise her reputation quite a bit daily, though the number goes down a bit daily.

Sota Yuki: His best friend, always texting and talking to each other.

Hayato Haruki: Close and childhood friends. They usually get along really well, but they have issues due to the fact that Haruto can be an idiot. Haruto usually calls him "Fappy Haruki" due to the fact that he caught Hayato doing "private stuff". Their relationship is similar to Osomatsu and Choromatsu's (Osomatsu-san). The only difference is that they're not related.


Other OCs

My OCs

Retsu Yuto: His older sister. He usually makes fun of her for having a crush on Hayato Haruki. As they are so close, if the player kills Retsu in front of him, he will attack the player with much more force than he's usually capable of.

Aiko Kaneko: She has a crush on him.

Aikido Kayane: Aikido hates him only because Aiko has a crush on him. He wants him dead.


  • He swears a lot, especially when he's angry.
  • He is the rude one out of the boys.
  • Haruto has a habit to kiss people when insecure, one of the reasons why he's pansexual.
  • Haruto is the youngest, the most sarcastic and the most "bitchy" out of his friends.
  • He's sexually harassed and bullied by Yui Rio. He lost his virginity in one of those situations, being sexually abused by other males older than him from other schools.
    • He might be afraid of actually doing sexual intercourses because of that.
    • Also due to that, he might be mentally unstable, sometimes ending by tearing him up and get sometimes depressed.
  • Bullying might be a reason why he cusses a lot and he's a big jerk to his friends.
    • If they know, he will act like he used to be unless they say to other people. If that happens, he will harass those students.
  • His birthday (April 11th) and blood type came from Ittoki Otoya (Uta no Prince Sama) [1] .

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