HEY YOU ! This OC is made by Antoninko2 and Samuel . If you don't like this, then just fuck off . Also if you edit without permision we will rip off your head , mkay ?


Harumi has Light pink hair in the front and a pink ponytail getting blue at the end. She has pink/blue eyes .


At home, morning.

5:59 AM: Wakes up and takes a shower.

6:15 AM: Eats breakfast.

6:30 AM: Leaves home and goes to school.

At Buraza Town.

6:45 AM Stands at the school until opens.

7:00 AM: Enters the school and goes to the lockers.

7:15 AM: Leaves the locker area, and goes to Computer Club to play Sonic.

8:00 AM: Goes to Class 2-2 and teaches.


1:00 PM: Goes to the Gaming Club and plays Sonic again

1:25 PM: Finishes playing, and goes to Class 2-2 to teach again.

After School.

3:30 PM: Goes to the Gaming Club until 6:00 PM.

Shisuta Town, before night.

6:00 PM: Walks home

At home, Nighttime

7:20 PM: Reads Life Note

7:30 PM: Goes to sleep.


Ryusei Koki

She looks at him every time and sometimes leaves the gaming club to go see him in his club.

Oka Ruto

She hates Oka Ruto, especially when she sees her stalking the Basu sisters.

Sakyu and Inkyu Basu

They have been close since they all joined Akademi High.


  • She lies about her cyan ponytail.
  • Played Sonic since 1991.
  • Hates Oka Ruto and her club. 
  • Her best friends are the Basu Sisters.
  • Her name originally was Rina Misata, but the creator changed it because he disliked her original name.
  • Samuel decided to share the OC with Antoninko cause why the fuck not ?

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