Haruka Eiri is a male student who attends Akademi Highschool.

Haruka Eiri.
Staff Info
Career (former)Butler,(current)None.
Club Gardening Club.
Age 18.
Persona Loner.
Crush None.


Eiri appears to have a rather feminine build and facial structure. His hair is a shade of silver, which appears a bit wild and unkempt, front hair going slightly below his shoulders while the back seems to be just a bit above that.

His uniform is a black shirt with golden buttons, black pants and black shoes.

He appears to be 173cm and 50 kg.


Eiri at first glance is very distant, hard to approach, and spacey. However as you become more intimate with him it is demonstrated that he is painfully loyal and caring. He has issues speaking, and relies on the garden of the school for a source of being useful. He seems to refer to himself in third person.


Extra information.

  • Eiri was born on November 22, making him a Sagittarius.
  • His blood type is type B.
  • His favorite flowers are white roses.
  • He has a older brother and two parents.



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