Hansuke Momoko is an oc owned by SquigTheDereDere. Please ask before using him. Thanks! [Also, yes I drew that. Please be nice, as I know I can't draw like, at all.]

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Hansuke thinks that he is the best person ever, when in reality, he isn't. He is very hyper and self proclaimed, but he is still very loving and good intentioned.

Physical & Health

Height: 5’9 

Weight: 145

Body Type: Slender

Blood Type: A-

Piercings/Tattoos: N/A 

Scars/Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Any physical disabilities/diseases/ailments: Although not physical, he does have ADHD

Any medications/treatments: Clonidine (ADHD Medication)


Witnessing Murder: Like the normal social butterfly, he’ll go to a group and call the police. Then he will act all tough saying “I’ll protect you all” to the group when he really cant do shit. He’ll then run away if he sees Yandere-Chan approaching, running all the way home c:

Discovering A Corpse(s): He’ll act all tough when, again, he cant do shit. Once there is no one around, he’ll quit his brave act and run home

Discovering Blood: Above^^

Witnessing Yandere-chan Visibly Insane: Huh, you wanna fight? I’m not afraid. (is very afraid.) 

Witnessing Yandere-chan Holding A Weapon (Bloody and Not): Not: Hah! You wanna duel? Come at me! Bloody: *mumbles* shit *runs away to home*

Witnessing Yandere-chan taking panty-shots: Leave this poor girl alone! *puts arm around girl and kicks Yandere-Chan very lightly but is very proud of himself.*


[7:05] Enters the school

[7:10] Goes to his locker and changes shoes

[7:15] Goes to the Martial Arts room and watches Budo’s apprentices train, making cocky comments 

[8:00] Walks to class 3-2 with Budo

[1:00] Goes to the cafeteria to gossip with the girls

[1:25] Waits outside the Martial Arts club for Budo except on Wednesday, in which he goes to the bathroom.

[1:30] Goes to class

[3:30] Goes to the Light Music Club 

[5:45] Goes to his locker

[5:50] Waits outside for Budo and Satchiko

[6:00] Walks home with Budo and Satchiko

[6:45] Arrives home.


Hansuke was born to a mother and father, and was an only child. He had a pretty good childhood, and discovered what it meant to be gay at 13. He came out at age 14 and his mother was really proud, but his father was disgusted and left. Hansuke didn’t really give a shit though lol fuck him. Hansuke grew up learning from his mom that he was the best and that he could do anything, so he really grew up believing he was the best and he kinda is (not). He now loves life with his bf and is happy yah the end.


Cannon: Relationship with Ayano Aishi (Yandere-chan): She’s pretty scary to him ;3;

Relationship Status: Taken Family: Lives with his mom

Crush: Budo Masuta (Mutual) 

Best Friend(s): Budo, Basu Sisters, Mai Waifu, Oka, Rainbow Girls, Satchiko

Friends:, Occult Club memebers, The rest of the martial arts club

Acquaintances: Kuu, Really any girl he’s quite cool with, Senpai I guess? (They dont talk but they're chill I guess)

Enemies: The rainbow boys, Yandere-Chan(? Kinda I guess? Like hes not a rival he just doesn't like her lol)


  • Satchiko Konoe- Satchi is one of Hansuke's best friends. They hang out, walk to school together, and gossip together
  • [Feel Free To Add Your Own! c:]

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