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Haksuna Hayamizu
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation 0
Club Art
Age 16
Persona Unknown
Crush None
Additional Info None

Her character was designed by User:thecurlypotato. Owned by User:thecurlypotato and User:Bluecats. Final portrait by User:Bluecats


She has Hip legnth twintails with a green to blue gradient (bottom to top) with most of the twintails being green. she has spike-like bangs that are blue in color. Her eyes are teal.


She was a very ordinary child, aside from the fact she was able to cook.


Pippi Hayamizu

Pippi is the younger sister of the two. They are identical twins. The reason why Pippi and Haksuna have different eye colors is because of hair dyes and contact lenses.


Yandere-chan is her friend. That is their full relationship.

Osana Najimi

The two are (at least used to, as it is not evident if they still are) friends. Pippi Hayamizu got her hair style from Osana Najimi. She had her styled by Osana on a sleepover and has liked this style most ever since. She also got a dark blue set of scrunchies and bow from osana. Osana thinks the appearance suits her.


At the start of the day, she goes to her club (art club) and paint or draw until class. She will then proceed to work in class, and then go back to painting. She repeats this one more time, and leaves the school with her sister at 5:30.


She is silly, protective, loving, caring, but inquisitive and ditzy at times. She is mainly tssukomi, but can act boke. She is a hero. She will do anything to protect her sister Koneko and her other sister Nahimi.



  • She was a requested character and shall not be changed.
  • Her appearance is very "lazy" or "video gamer" in a sense.
    • Her natural eye color is green.
    • Her natural hair color is blonde