This is a WIP! Please do not edit this unless you're JaneNoLongerCares/JaneIsDerpish! Also, read the whole thing. Seriously, please.

Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 0
Club Occult
Age 17
Persona Loner
Crush N/A
Additional Info None

Important Info

Haisha Dami is a student in Akademi High. Please note that if I use the images from my dA, those are not CANON Akademi Students, these are fanon. Enjoy.

Real info

Haisha is expected to be an emo or lonely-ish kind of character, from her appearance to her facial expressions, to how she acts. Haisha is more of a Kuudere-ish kind of character but does express emotions, but she's usually in a monotone voice. She is in classroom 1-2, and is in the Occult Club.


Haisha generally wears one of the old uniforms that was thought to be a glitch whenever you ran into Phantom Girl from older builds. She has a bandage on her left arm that ends at her fingers, and has a weird eye shade. This is not an accessory. This is to actually identify the fact that she is based off, well, Oka Ruto.


Currently none. Creating characters.

RP times;

I would much prefer it if you asked me on dA (JaneNoLongerCares, you might recognize me if you've known me through older accounts) or Weasyl (Takes longer to respond). If you really have no other ways, contact me. P.S. No, I will NOT use Skype, in case you ask.


-Haisha may possibly die by a blow to the head by an odd-looking monster.

-Haisha is probably gonna be a fan of Danganronpa and constantly reference how her friends are based off Danganronpa characters.

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