Gyangu Pinkuu
Student Info
Career Student


Reputation Low
Club Delinquent Gang
Age 17
Persona Defensive
Crush Unknown
Additional Info None
Gyangu Pinkuu is an OC of Bluecats. This page is also a W.I.P, so criticism of lack of content will be considered an insult


Gyangu has brown side-swept hair, with a large fringe on her right (our left). The large fringe has a pink gradient. The rest of her hair is short. She has purple eyes and a pink mask with a red broken heart on it.


Gyangu is a Tsundere. She is unruly, cruel, and just "bad" on the outside, but is actually a HUGE softie. She will protect other students, mostly her gang members from murderers by attacking the murderer with her weapon. Her weapon of choice is a guitar. She protects other students because, although "bad" and a rulebreaker, she cares enough to not want them hurt.




  • Her persona is Defensive, NOT delinquent

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