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Shelly: Hey, I'm ready. Let's go.

Dashi: Alright. Let's check up on Tweak San.

Tweak: Mmm? Geez, you were soooo slow. I was playing video games since Dashi Chan started getting ready.

Dashi: Hey! Shelly-kun was the one sleeping in!

Shelly: Alright, let's go. Swim?

Tweak: Swim.

After they swam to the island, Dashi-chan went surfing, Tweak-San collected seashells, and Shelly-kun climbed a tree and was writing in a journal.

''Well. It's another day. With my best friends. We actually are at an island right now. The semi-sweet one is surfing, and the nice-spirited b**** is collecting shells. I'm just in a tree. Well, I'm gonna join them. Bye for now.''

Dashi: Hey! Guys, look!

Captain B: This is the captain to Shelly, Dashi and Tweak. Hurry back to the ship. We've decided to go to a pier. It's far, so first we're going to the snowy mountains.

All 3: COOL! *Swims back*

When they arrived, everyone on the crew packed. They started to pack too.

Dashi: Sunscreen, check. Money, check. My phone, check.

She looked in the mirror and tied up her long brown hair. She then stared for a bit at the picture of Shelly she had.

Dashi: ...When will you notice how I feel about you?

Yes. She felt something different about Shelly. It sounded weird, but she wanted to be with him forever. Just them.

Tweak: I've got everything. Now, to grab some food!

Before she walked out, she glanced at the picture of Shelly in her room. It was him in a neutral face, looking at the clear sky. She loved the picture. And she loved him. She would curse everyond who wanted him. Ever.

To be continued...

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