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Going Yandere On Senpai: Part 1 (By Melody)

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Hey guys! I'm making my first ever fanfic. It's SUPPOSED to be a huminized octonauts fanfic, but since this is yandere I decided to put it here.



Shellington/Shelly: The Senpai - 22

Dashi-chan: The Yandere - 20

Tweak-San: The Yandere - 20

This contains swearing and inaproppriate stuff. 13 or older, only.

LAST NOTE: This story is based on a game called Yanderella.



Hey! We're late!

Coommeee oooonn! Get up! We're going!

Shelly looked up. He was in his bed. Up he saw Dashi-chan's eyes right above him.

Shelly: What?

Dashi chan: Huh? You... you don't remember?

Shelly: Uhhh... explain...?

Dashi-chan: Uggh! Okay.

The ship is landing near this cool island. I asked the captain if you, me and Tweak could go!

Shelly: Ummm....

Dashi-chan: Really? You really don't remember?

Shelly: Oh THAT! Yeah.

Dashi Chan: So, get up! Let's get ready!

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