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Girl's Night is a fanfic written by Bubble-Blitz.


The story focus on the Akademi High girls, after the reveal of a old society of males, lead by Igor Luan, which purpose is to make the boys the only focus on Akademi, including sports victories, successful clubs, academical probations and grades, Amashi Nijiro, a popular girl on school and leader of the Amashis, decides to make a female society from the beginning. After this, the male society decides to create a gender battle, where a gender needs to make the other surrender and recognize they as the Akademi Prince/Princess. Amashi has only two months to build the female society, with only the help of her Amashis. Let's the battle, begin!




  • Igor Luan, leader of the male society;
  • Jack Smith, a nice boy from the male society who don't care about the gender fight;
  • Aiden Jones, a boy from the male society who have a crush on Jack;
  • Akuma Fukidashi, a boy from the male society who like to sings.


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