Generic 1
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Any
Club Any
Age Any
Persona Unknown
Crush Any
Additional Info None

Generics are multiple students without nothing special and no owner, they only purpose is to be killed and/or do things that other OCs don't want, or just as a demonstration to things.


They are all gray and wear a gray uniform five. They have different hairstyles for each type. The normal type is long, the mean girl type is curvy and the sporty type is short. They all wear the same shoes, minus mean girl type, who wear boots.


They aren't special in any way and just act the way people want they to act. They don't have any personality at all and changes constantly, as they are not only one, but various.


Normal Generic

Used for everything, the normal generic is bland and nothing special.

Mean Girl Generic

Generics that act as popular and hang out with the other mean girls, they are minions and will follow any rules and fear losing they bosses.

Sporty Generic

Generics with a fit body who are seen in the field and doing sports, they're usually in the bench in sports. Least common type.

Twintails Generic

A Generic with twintails, has a smaller bust than other Generics.

Kisekae codes



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