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The GemSim AU is an AU created by BaedereBaemulator. It's inspired on Steven Universe.

Every single student, teacher and everyone else are gems. So everyone is free to join.



  • Rainbow 12:
    • Yui Rio: Andesine, her gem is in her elbow, weapon unknown
    • Haruto Yuto: Red Spinel, Gem on forehead, Laser Bean Gun.
    • Yuna Hina: Amber, Gem Location and Weapon unknown.
    • Sota Yuki: Citrine, Gem on left arm (hidden) and Weapon unknown.
    • Koharu Hinata: Verdite,his gem this in his check weapon unknown.
    • Hayato Haruki: Aventurine, Gem on neck and Weapon unknown. He has a special unique ability to form sonic waves with his voice like a mermaid/merman to enchant enemies (and sometimes Retsu herself to fuse) with his singing.
    • Mei Mio: Sapphire, Gem on forehead and Weapon unknown. She will have 1 eye hidden in her bangs.
    • Ryusei Koki: Cobalt, Gem on chest and Weapon unknown.
    • Saki Miyu: Turquoise, Gem Location and Weapon unknown.
    • Sora Sosuke: Aquamarine, Gem on right shoulder and a scarf/whip.
    • Kokona Haruka: Kunzite,the gem is beteween her breast,no hasweapon
    • Riku Soma: Purple Jade, Gem on left shoulder and Weapon unknown.



  • Baedere's OCs:
    • Retsu Yuto: Pink Spinel, gem located on navel (belly button), Laser Bean Gun (heart shaped).
    • Aiko Kaneko: Tanzanite, gem located on forehead, psychokinesis/telekinesis and heavy books (to be thrown).
    • Miko Agashi: Amazonite, gem located on back, wings (Like Lapis Lazuli) and Microphone whip.
    • Ricci Ryoko: Cotton Candy Quartz, gem located on chest, Guitar/chainsaw.
    • Aikido Kayane: Cyan Zircon, gem located on right palm, baseball bat with electricity.
    • Kara Teka: Black Pearl, gem located on chest, katana sword.
  • PinkVickiKat2.0's OCs:
    • Takeru Nanami: Yellow sapphire, gem located on his neck, and weapon unknown.
    • Akari Nanami: Tourmaline, gem located on her chest, weapon unknown.
  • NyanTheCatAnimatronic's OCs:
    • Gasuta Ukaresawagi: Black Opal, gem located in eye, unknown weapon
    • Aruphis Ukaresawagi: Yellow Spinel, gem located in eye, unknown weapon
  • Kawaii Derp's OCs:
    • Rei Chawa: Lace agate, gem located on back neck, weapon unknown.
  • ChisaiTenshi's OCs:
    • Fumin Sho: Jet, gem located on her cheek, Magic Staff.
  • Rena-Shi's Ocs:
  • Antoninko's OCs:
    • Mokoto Kototo: Ruby , gem located in leg , Hair.
    • Mok Kototo : Ruby , gem located in nose , eyes.
  • TheYandereRedpanda's OCs:
    • Aka Fiafukosono: Siam gemstone, her gem is located on the back of her neck in a circular shape. Aka's weapon is a spear, the blade of the spear being made of her gemstone.
    • Oku B'yona: Turquoise gemstone, her gem is located on her chest in a tear drop shape. Oku's weapon is a book of curses and spells, coming with a large machete with a blade made of her gemstone and a handle of obsidian.
    • Joō Bachi: Sun gemstone, her gem is located on her upper back in a square shape. Joō's weapon is a mace with spikes made of her gemstone as well as a handle made of iron.
    • Oshisa Gemasu: Dark Red Coral gemstone, her gem is located on her right eye. Oshisa's weapon is laser vision as well as a short bladed katana consisting of a black agate handle and a blade made of her gemstone.
    • Tsuki Nome: Purple Velvet gemstone, her gem is located on her eye, showing through a hole on her mask. Tsuki's weapon is a long-sword with an onyx handle and a blade made of her gemstone, the crossgaurd and pommel are made of a lavender agate.
  • THELEGENDGIANTDAD and Chariot Dude's OCs:
    • Stevie Mills: Green Diamond, his gemstone is located on his back. His weapon is literally just a backpack. I thought it was funny.
    • Keithara Jackson: Green Pearl, belongs to Stevie. Gem located on back. Weapon unknown. She probably does all the work that Stevie is supposed to do.
    • Bertha Utkin: Moss Agate, belongs to Stevie. Gem located on chest. Terrifies the shit out of people with silence alone.
  • TheFunGame's OCs
    • Kanna Kaito: Moonstone, her gem is located on her shoulder. Kanna's weapon is a small white knife.
    • Hiroyuki Akane: Bloodstone, his gem is located in one of his eye sockets. It's hidden by his glasses. His weapon is a large katana. He is bad at using the weapon.


Fusions made by BaedereBaemulator can be found here [1]

Canon x Canon


Canon X Fanon

  • Watermelon Tourmaline (Mystery Tourmaline Fusion) (Hayato Haruki/Aventurine, Retsu Yuto/Pink Spinel) One of the most stable fusions in the AU, also made of love like Garnet.

Fanon X Fanon

  • Gasuta Ukaresawagi, Tiger's Eye (fusion of Aruphis with Gasuta). The two gems are in the two eyes. Weapon: Cannon (NyanTheCatAnimatronic)




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