The Gamer Girls (lol better name later) is a small group of hardcore female gamers created by Kokuryu Hoshi and a few of her friends. Similar to the Gaming Club, this little group plays video games, but not just in school. They function in and out of school, around the town, or basically anywhere with free WiFi. Their choice of games consist of anything Nintendo, multiplayer warfare games, and Indie titles. However, they will play just about anything.


Kokuryu Hoshi (founder)

The Neko sisters, Foxy and Vanessa (i'll add them later)

The pretty much Mary Sue and Anti-sue duo, Angelica (Mary Sue) and Natalia (Anti-sue)

Kokuryu's American cousins, Alex and Mina

and finishing the list, Ivory and Cypress Underwood, two of Kokuryu's Irish(?) friends.

~Lol I'll work on this more tomorrow. TBA, I'm about to drop dead from exhaustion. :P Nah, that's obviously too exaggerated. :V Well, anyway, like I said I'll work on this later. I've gotta sleep sometime, ya know?~

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