Fuwafuwa the Chinchilla
Student Info
Career Class Pet
Reputation School Cute Sensation of The Year (200)
Club Cosplay
Age 3 Months
Persona Teacher's Pet
Crush None
Additional Info Cutest pet, Ikki adoptive little brother.

FuwaFuwa is a cute white chinchilla and a pet from Classroom 1-2.


FuwaFuwa is cute, friendly and lovely. He will lick everyone who touches him and sleep on people hands. He likes Amashi Nijiro due to her buying him. He also likes Takumi Tachibana, Sota Yuki, Yuna Hina and Osana Najimi.


  • He is cute.
  • He is loved by the females and the sweet males of the classroom.
  • He hates being touched by wet hands.

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