Before I write anything I have to say IM SORRY HORIZENFUDGY I JUST HAD TO!

Fudge's is a company owned by HorizonFudgys. This all happened chat ok man....

Fudge's was once known as Target. One day Horizon decided to get a job. So she went to Target because Satan(me) said so. So she applied. The owners of Target were all like "fuck this have the whole store!".

So Horizon opened Fudges. Satan swore this was a bad idea. At Fudge's the only thing they sell are Used My Little Pony Thongs.Her favorite (and only costumer) Is Donald Trump. He comes everyday at his local Fudges

It is rumored that most Fudge's stores are haunted by the spirits of people sacrificed there, but only a fool would believe that.

Fudge's has become more popular recently causing even the spirits themselves to appear! Hitler in fact decided to buy a used thong(for some reason) Even Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin and Pewdiepie bought some.

Fudge's is now an international store. You can find them at your local sewers.

Don't have enough money?Don't worry,you can become a prostitute for only the small price of your eyebrows.

Fudge's pays their employees with eye brow hair.

Fudge's has also started selling the IFhone 19

The IFhone 19 is only 1 dollar and probably your soul. BUT THATS ALRIGHT

Pistachio's GPS of Ocs
Female Ocs- Rouia Kohler Ene Sachi Kyouko Miyako Gale Belle Ato Shina Naomi Miyuzaki Sky Streak Annie Cashe Hitomi Soma Tōsaku Chairudo

Male Ocs- Roy Kisaragi


Shared Ocs- Sho Tsumiki Pisutachio Satsujin Shirou Ayaru

Joke Ocs- The Desert Fudge's Alex Fitzgerald OSWALLD Tord HulaDancer Moonway Da Black FRESH AVACADO

????- PistaPista Production