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Student Info
Career  Student
Reputation  7
Club  Photography
Age  18
Persona  Quiet
Crush  None
Additional Info  She's at Class 3-1

Flann Callahan is a Third-Year student at Akademi High. She's part of the Photography Club, so she's always seen taking pictures. She doesn't normally speak with the other students, being an introvert, but she will engage in social interaction if required.


Flann is a rather tall girl with short hair and pale skin. Her eyes are blue. When at School, she's seen sporting the Akademi Uniform, but tends to wear a white and pale blue dress as her casual outfit. She's always carrying a blue and white semitransparent umbrella.


Flann is a quiet girl, who speaks only when necessary or not at all. This is not due to shyness, but her own preferences when it comes to social interaction. She prefers to focus and take pictures, which takes silence and a clear mind, thing that doesn't come if you're talking your ears off. She's not interested in dating or friendly interaction, and has a firm belief that school is for learning. Even if she is fluent in Japanese, her native languages are English and Irish, and thus she may sound foreigner sometimes, particularly in her vowels and the R's.


Flann was born in Ireland and moved to Japan when she was eight years old. She has attended Akademi most of her life, always making very few friends and acquaintances. There isn't much about her.


None yet