In this AU made by CrystaltheCool, five Puppetmasters from the Puppetmaster Dimension fell down Mount Ebott alongside Frisk.

Users in the AU

  • CrystaltheCool
    • A mysterious Miku clone who is the younger sister of Demonic BB. Appears to be similar to Flowey the Flower in terms of personality, though perhaps this is a facade..? Also appears to hate Sans due to him being, in her own words; "an overrated Smiley McTrashbag". She is very powerful, but not as powerful as Demonic BB.
  • Demonic BB
    • A mysterious demon who is the older brother of CrystaltheCool. Appears to be the exact opposite of Flowey the Flower in terms of personality, though is most likely extremely powerful despite his kindness.
  • Jacbocford
    • An ordinary person with a troubled past. Very close to CrystaltheCool, as she often joked about him being her husbando, and vice versa. However, it seems more like Crystal was the seme and Jac was the uke in this ship. Crystal recently divorced him and forced him to marry Raspberry*Monster. Regardless, he dislikes Demonic BB, probably due to him being a cockblock.
  • Igor the Mii
    • Another ordinary person who happens to be a Touhou and Love Live fanatic. He is also arch enemies with CrystaltheCool, and close friends with Demonic BB.
  • Raspberry*Nightmare
    • A raspberry-loving person who is the younger sister of CrystaltheCool and Demonic BB. She is almost as powerful as CrystaltheCool.

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