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Fano Nanoko

Aki Kuroki






Female Female


She She




57 kg


April 23rd

Astrological Sign

Taurus Taurus

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Teacher's Pet


Heterosexual Heterosexual

Personal Status

Host, Astronomy

Educated in

Akademi High School



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Personal Status



Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Additional Info
Boring nice girl who is always focused on her studies.

Seems to be hiding something.

Fano Nanoko is an OC that currently attends Akademi High School.


Her polite words and compassionate character will surely win the hearts of many. She's always considerate of others, whether or not she gets anything in return. She can come off as condescending and finds stupidity slightly irritating, but no matter what she loves to listen to what other people have to say, as this rather reserved girl has an insatiable curiosity. She needs to know more about the world, but no matter how much she learns she tends to find more questions than answers.

Fano can be pretty serious and logical, almost to a fault as she doesn't find most jokes funny. She doesn't hate jokes, she just doesn't have a good sense of humor. She will usually laugh, but only to be polite. She makes up for her lack of humor with her reliability and maturity. When she has a job she gets it done by following the steps of a full plan she will have soon concocted to achieve her goal. When she fails she promises to fix her mistake. It's not uncommon to see her too focused on a goal, so much that she can get a bit stubborn, saying that she can finish if given more time. Finding it difficult to accept defeat and change, she can be a handful if one dislikes the way she is now. She's going to stay the way she is, so if one doesn't like her now it's unlikely their opinion will change.

She has trouble opening up to others and acts distant for a long while, though some may not notice it. She doesn't like to show weakness and prefers if people can depend on her rather than the other way around. She fears someone taking her secrets and using them against her, and her fear is usually unfounded. Fano tries to solve her fears on her own, hoping that interacting with others will make her feel more safe. She might sometimes bottle things up and hide her fears if she believes that someone will notice.

Her personality is built in such a way that may irritate those who are looking for a more lively, open, fun-loving human being. To others she may seem boring, dull, finicky, and annoying for being so serious and stubborn. If anyone were to point out the flaws of Fano, she would agree with them. She seeks for more excitement in her life, but as she is too attached to her current safe schedule she has trouble changing anything about it.


Fano Nanoko's upper class father was born in Japan but her mother was born in Germany. They wanted their daughter to be the best of the best, and focused mostly on her education. They planned out her life for her so that Fano knew what would come. Fano was and is grateful for all the work they did for her and tried to live up to their expectations. She studied hard at school to make her parents proud and made a few friends to show them that her social life was going great too.

So her parents were too busy with their own jobs to notice her much, so Fano was left on her own, but only some of the time. They told her she would be fine by herself, so whenever Fano got scared at the thought of a burglar she told herself that her fears were unnecessary. After all, there was no need for guards; they didn't leave her alone often and came back quick so that their daughter would be safe.

Despite their best efforts, Fano still encountered a thief one night. Her parents were home, but she couldn't go get them for the thief was staring straight at her. The criminal was busy climbing out the window, looking at Fano to see whether the girl would scream and react. Fano was too shocked for words and froze in the moment, and the thief slipped away. She eventually managed to get up and go to her parents to wake them up, cry, and tell them what happened.

The thief didn't steal much, strangely, and left Fano's room almost untouched. Still, the thought that someone could slip in and out of their home so silently kept Fano up at nights. She was a little girl, only a little girl. If someone got kidnapped or attacked, what could she do? If she was better she could've done something, maybe if she woke up earlier to the sound of the thief and alerted everyone. Why rely on the guards all the time, when they couldn't even stop one human. It was the unseen break in Fano's world where everything was predictable and carefully thought out.

Her parents told her that she would get over it when she got over, and that her sleeplessness was only temporary. Fano believed them, though her problems only continued. Fano lost some friends because of this and couldn't get close to many people. Even so, life went on and Fano knew it. Fano did her best to focus once more on her grades and social life, repairing the relationships that had been broken so that her parents would be happy.

When she chose to go to Akademi High School (even though it was in another town), the schoolwork was easy for Fano and the new school gave Fano another chance to make new friends. Fano joined the Host Club to force herself to interact with others more. Now, at her senior year of high school she will try to continue the life that was set out for her, but Fano can only do so much on her own.


Airi Yuu

Fano and Airi are fellow classmates and best friends. Airi used to doubt whether or not Fano was actually as kind as she seems, but the few years they have been together has only whittled those thoughts away. They are similar in many ways, and when napping they tend to sleep on each other's shoulders. Fano is usually the one making the most conversation of the two while Airi listens. They can sometimes be found studying together for class.

Airi heard about the break-in at Fano's house when she was younger, and wonders whether or not her mother was the criminal. Airi notes that this might not be the case, as her mother probably would've taken something, but maybe Masame didn't because Fano was a girl who reminded her of Airi.

Barakou Koizumi

They only talk in secret because Fano is ashamed of her interest in gaming. Fano tries to get Barakou interested in Osu! but Barakou just isn't buying it. Every so often Barakou and Fano will play multiplayer MMORPGS together with Rie Ueda and Minori Etsuko. Fano hopes to play the video games Barakou will make.

Chikako Shinju

Fano finds Chikako's blunt and careless nature to be distasteful, believing that Chikako should be more compassionate to others. Chikako is not fond of Fano's nagging and what she considers insipidity, but she admires Fano's intelligence and thoughtfulness.

Erisa Ikuko

Fano really feels like she can be herself around Erisa, and the two know each other's secrets. Fano tries to help Erisa with her schoolwork and Erisa gives Fano a close friend to confide in. The two both try to get the other to open up.

Himari Kita

For Fano Himari can be a bit of a handful, and Himari can get a little annoyed at Fano's antics, but the two still like each other nonetheless. Himari considers Fano a friend.

Homura Matsuo

Homura and Fano share a similar sweet nature, a penchant for writing, and a love for ice cream. The small age gap clearly means nothing to them as they try to hang out quite frequently. Homura has learned not to lean on Fano as much as she once did. Instead, Homura would rather have it the other way around.

Minori Etsuko

They have known each other for years, seeing as how they both attended Akademi High for all of their high school life. Minori thinks that Fano's polite and reserved nature is refreshing after how many extroverts she meets, and Fano feels the same way. They are both very intelligent and when given a project that allows them to work with students out of their class, they tend to choose each other for the best results. Fano has introduced Minori into gaming and likes seeing her mess around without a clue as what to do. Minori plays MMORPGs with Fano, Rie (Ueda), and Barakou.

Rie Nobuko

They may hang out together, critiquing each other's writing and comparing writing styles. Fano gives Rie some notes to study for future classes she will take. Rie also shows some (albeit limited) interest in astronomy, listening to what Fano has to say about outer space and such. The two girls try and help each other out when the other has a problem.

Rie Ueda

Fano and Rie occasionally play video games together with Barakou Koizumi and Minori Etsuko. Fano is somewhat interested in the Magical Girl Miyuki anime, so they talk about it from time to time. Despite all this, Rie occasionally forgets that Fano exists.

Rowan Linwood

Fano usually rats Rowan out to a teacher when she catches him doing something, so Rowan avoids this upperclassman. Fano enjoys making him paranoid and tease him because of this. Whenever Rowan tries to read Fano's diary she promptly stomps on his foot.

Sachiko Nagahimistu

Sachiko and Fano are friends. They may ask each other tips on how to improve their writing from time to time. Sachiko can be too jumpy for Fano at times, but the two get along well.



  • She loves to write and enjoys keeping a journal.
  • Fano could spend hours on her phone doing anything at all.
  • She loves looking at the stars and enjoys reading about anything astronomy.
  • As a geek, Fano likes to play various video games such as Osu! and Pokemon. She has spent hours into games like those.
  • Watching anime and reading manga is a guilty pleasure of hers. Her favorite anime is Ouran High School Host Club. Her favorite manga is Gintama. Fano has a long list of anime and manga that she has seen.
  • Sometimes she likes to daydream or nap to calm herself down after a long day.
  • Fano hates sports and is terrible at them. She prefers to walk for exercise rather than anything else.


  • She loves sweets, though she doesn't eat too much to keep a healthy diet.
  • Fano adores cheese foods, especially cheese fondue.


  • Fano likes ryokucha with a bit of honey.
  • She loves Yakult.
  • Fano milk and requests it for breakfast regularly.


  • She prefers to hang around the rooftop, the garden, festivals, the library, friend's houses, her own house, ice cream parlors, the park, and all clubrooms.
  • Her favorite animal is the penguin as she thinks it is very cute and fluffy.


Fano would rather listen than talk, but when she has to speak she chooses her words with care so her message is fully understood. She speaks with concern for the person she's talking to, making sure that their problems are solved while trying to be nice at the same time.


  • She attends Classroom 3-2.
  • Party Animal
    Cuddly Bear


  • "Um, I'm sorry! I didn't realize! I'm really stupid, sorry!" - When apologizing.
  • "Focus, Fano, focus!" - When studying.



Brown Blazer








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