Fanfikushon Chosha
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation 0 (Unknown)
Club None
Age 16
Persona Unknown
Crush None
Additional Info None

Fanfikushon Chosha is an OC created by Fanfiction-chan.


Fanfikushon (Or "Fanfik" for short) has an unusual pair of eyes. Instead of regular eyes, her eyes are small circles. Despite this, her vision is perfectly normal.

She has sandy, blonde hair worn in a ponytail. She also has blushing cheeks and pale skin. She wears the default uniform, except with white gloves and leg warmers.

She has a petite build, and is shorter than most students. In fact, her height is 5'4. Some people mistake her to be twelve, but she is really sixteen. She is often seen carrying a pen or pencil and a notepad.


Fanfik is a rather quiet girl. She is often seen lurking in the shadows, avoiding other students but at the same time observing them. She always writes fanfictions about other students, but never shows them to anyone else. She only has one friend, who doesn't go to Akademi High. She sometimes mistakes Tsundere-Chan for her friend, because of their similar appearance.

When she witnesses murder, she promises not to say anything about it, but later writes about it in her notepad with plenty of details describing everything in the event. (The victim's appearance, the murderer's appearance, how they murdered the victim, etc.) She will send her notes to the police office, which can result in the murderer's prison sentence.




Fanfik often confuses her with her best friend, whose name is unrevealed. Because of this, the two aren't on good terms with each other.


Best Friends

Fanfik is best friends with this girl, but is bothered by her troublesome attitude. She is very grateful to have her as a friend, and believes she owes her a lot, but the reasons for this are unknown...for now.

Kyoko Mikami


Fanfik doesn't really know her, or stalk her as much as other students. To her, Kyoko is uninteresting and just another background character. She turns the other cheek when she's getting bullied, but will still help her out in projects such as the talent show, or a school assignment.

Kaia Homura


Fanfik doesn't like this girl, due to the fact that she stole her notepad once. Despite this, they barely ever talk.

Emi Fukui

One-Sided Friendship

Fanfik finds the subject of Magical Girls intriguing, so she makes sure to stalk Emi whenever she gets the chance. She likes to consider her a friend, even though Emi has no clue she exists.

Yuki Suishou

One-Sided Friendship

Fanfik finds the subject of Magical Girls intriguing, so she makes sure to stalk Yuki whenever she gets the chance. She likes to consider her a friend, even though Yuki has no clue she exists.

Aku Chosha


Fanfik's deadbeat dad had baby with a woman.the baby was Aku Chosha


  • Her name means "Fanfiction Author" in Japanese.
  • She is often mistaken for being a twelve year old instead of a sixteen year old.
  • She weighs ninety seven pounds, while her height is 5"4.
  • She lives with her brother, Hogo Chosha, and her pet cat. They aren't the richest, but because of ???, Fanfik was still able to get into Akademi.
  • She posts her fanfictions on an online blog under the username "Fanfiction-chan."
  • She is heterosexual, or straight.
  • She stalks people in her free time. The reason for this is because she wants to be accurate in her fanfiction.
  • Her real name is Moroi, Fanfikushon was just a nickname given to her by ???.

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