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The Everyone's Yandere AU, created by NumberOnett, is an AU where everybody is yandere for someone else. This AU includes a lot of crackships.

Students and their crushes

Yandere-chan: Senpai

Info-chan: ????/Undecided

Senpai: Yandere-chan

All rivals: Senpai

Yui: Haruto

Yuna: Yui

Koharu: ????

Mei: ????

Saki: ????

Kokona: Senpai

Haruto: Sakyu

Sota: Inkyu

Hayato: ????

Ryusei: Kokona

Sora: ????

Riku: Mei

Pippi: Ryuto

Ryuto: Pippi

Midori: ????

Sakyu: ????

Inkyu: ????

Kuu: Info-chan

Mai: Kuu

Budo: Yandere-chan

Sho: Shima

Juku: Mina

Mina: Budo

Shima: Budo

Shin: Oka

Supana: ???

Chojo: ????

Kokuma: ????

Daku: ????

Reina: ????

Natsuki: ????

Rino: ???

Shiori: ???

Karin: ???

Kaho: ???{Idea: all the third year guys}

Kyoshi: ???


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