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Stop right there!

This OC belongs to Redandsymmetry. Please ask his permission before using!!


Eva Lee is an OC created by Redandsymmetry. She is originally from Canada.



Eva has dyed green (Hex code: #21b623) hair worn in a short sidetail to the right (Yui Rio's hair). Her eyes are violet (Hex code: #641f72). Her bust size is 1.7. She wears the default uniform unless customized.


Eva's natural hair color is black. She dyed it to help hide her identity in case her father found out where she was. She always wore her hair in pigtails. She always wore long sleeve shirts and jeans, even in the summer.


Eva Lee used to live in Canada until she was 16. She had many friends there. Her father was an angry drunk. He would drink while Eva's mother was out, and when he was drunk, he would beat his daughter. Eva's mother did not know about this at first, but soon learned. She took her daughter and moved to Japan to escape her husband.


Eva is a Coward. If she witnesses murder, she will beg for her life in exchange for her silence. She cannot participate in physical fights against murderers. Due to her having the Coward persona, if a student aims their phone at her, she will hide her face.





Redandsymmetry's OCs

Roxy Lee - Her mother. She moved to Japan with her when she was 16.

Brian Lee - Her father. Moved to Japan with her mother to escape him.

Yukio Iseya - Her crush. It would never work out because of his sexuality.

Ran Murakami - Ran bullies Eva and calls her a crybaby and a coward.


What are you doing with that thing? Please don't hurt me!
— When someone is holding a weapon
Please don't hurt me! I promise I won't tell.
— When witnessing murder
What's wrong with you? You look really scary..
— When she sees someone who is visibly insane.
Is that blood? Did you hurt someone?
— When she sees someone covered in blood
Stop that! That's really gross!
— When she sees someone taking panty shots


  • Red made her from Canada because he wanted an OC from a different country, and he chose Canada because Red himself is from Canada.
  • Her and her mother's backstory was based off of a character from a novel that Red read.



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