Eshima Minamoto is a fanon rival in Yandere simulator. She is trademarked as lazy, obese, and ugly, but also charming. However, she will one day meet Senpai, and will have a chance to be more "active". She will only be a rival, if Senpai is male.


Eshima is overweight and does not put off a pleasant smell. Her hair is greasy, short, chestnut brown and messy, and her face is dirty. She has bags under her eyes, freckles on her face, and acne. Her nose is large, and her eyes are big, sharp and brown.She wears the default school uniform, unless customized by the player. Her bust size is a bit lower than average, a small B cup.


She may be lazy and uncaring for her looks, but it very kind and caring towards other people, especially Taro Yamada (Senpai). She is not very innocent and can be crass, but is also very respectful towards elders and is very laid back. Sometimes, she can be a little stubborn; other times she is great at compromising. Many others find her as unattractive and annoying.


The persona "Big Buddy" is reserved for Eshima. The Big Buddy persona is basically a mix between Hero and Clingy/Damsel. If she sees a corpse (which takes a longer time for her to do so), she will run to Senpai to give him a warning that there is a murderer in school, as her attempt to protect him. After that, she will just sit down to the nearest available seat and keep watch for the killer. If she witnesses Yandere-Chan murdering someone, she will attempt to restrain her, resulting in a mini game fight. Eshima is heavy, so it will be a little more difficult to defeat her. If Yandere-Chan does not have enough study points in Physical Education (Lv. 3), Eshima will apprehend the player if she attempts to drown her or push her off the rooftop.

Match Making

She will be willing to take any boy in school who is plain. You can choose any boy who is from the rainbow six (except for Riku Soma). No boy will have a crush on her, since she is lazy, gets bad grades, and is unattractive. Unlike the other rivals, she will be hurt by matchmaking. She will have to change her body and personality to not be like herself. Deep inside, she will feel insecure, for having to be someone she is not.

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